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The Power kit for your wheelchair(max-e)
  Enjoy maximum mobility  

Mobility is the most important factor for a high quality of life. To be independent and without the need for help increases your quality of life considerably. Therefore we developed the max-e — a power kit, that can be mounted to nearly all kinds of manual wheelchairs. Max-e increases your radius of action based on the most advanced technology. It makes you independent and mobile in a comfortable and effortless way. Max-e can easily and quickly be mounted to and dismounted from your wheelchair. The device issimple and easy to handle, making you independent at your work place, at home or outside in the street.

Two powerful electric motors make sure that you can master slopes as easily as even ground.


Trust in strong technology : max-e is the product of all our experience

Our aim is to increase mobility and independence through intelligent solutions. max-e is a product of this philosophy. It is the result of all our knowledge and expertise based on long-term experience in the development of powered drive systems for wheelchairs. Benefit from our experience with a powered drive for your wheelchair offering you numerous advantages   Trust-in-strong-technology-1
  a range of up to 15 km  
  continuously adjustable speed control up to 6 km/h  
  easy, individually adjustable and wireless operation  
  low weight and simple mounting and dismounting  
  compact measurements  
  can be applied to nearly all  
  manual wheelchairs at a seat width of 28 cm and above  
  compatible to the s-max, the stair climber for wheelchairs  
  Max-e coincides with the guidelines of the European Community for medical products. In the interest of progress we reserve the right for technical and optical changes.  
   The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik is a member of the QVH and has been awarded the quality stamp according to the inspection of quality standards for medical vehicles. AAT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2003.  

Technical data


Maximum total weight approved

200 kg(1) (person, wheelchair, max-e)

Mounting possible

at a seat width of 28 cm



Speed forward | backward

continuously adjustable 6 km/h | 3 km/h

Range with one battery charge

up to 15 km(2)



Height | width | depth

280 | 345 | 145 mm


2 x 12 V / 15 Ah

DC motors

2 x 24 V

Weight of the battery pack

9.0 kg

Weight of the drive unit

8.9 kg

Weight of the control unit

0.5 kg


  1 Please note the maximum load stipulated by your wheelchair manufacturer. 2 .Range and climbing capacity is dependent, among other things, on the weight of the person to be transported, the surface of the ground, the topography, etc.      


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