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History of Stairlifts

Stairlifts were invented by the American CC Crispen in 1930 and introduced by the Inclinator Company of America.However King Henry VIII invented his own Stairlift or Stairthrone in 1500 using a block and Tackle to go up a 20 foot staircase.

Since then stairlifts have undergone many technological innovations and a variety of features have been addedover the years. Today it is considered a very convenient solution to access staircases .These are in variou forms such as straight, curved ,ceiling stairlifts.
        Other innovative ways of accessing staircases are Stairclimbers Strutt based or Track based , Inclined platform lifts and Low rise vertical platform lifts.
These are categorised as accessibility products for vertical mobility on staircases . This is other than lifts or elevators, escalators and Inclinators.

Stairlifts Manufacturers

Stairlifts are manufactured and sold all over the world . The world's key manufacturers are based in Europe (UK, Germany,Italy, Switzerland Holland), USA, Canada and Japan.
       The worlds biggest markets for stairlifts, are in Europe USA and Japan. The market is growing in India and the stairlift will benefit those with Knee joint problems, Backache, Heart trouble, Old age , Handicap etc. Presently the awareness levels in India about the Stairlift is growing and the product has generated tremendous curiosity and interest wherever displayed or advertised.

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