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The universal stair climber (C-max)
  Safe and comfortable upstairs and downstairs  
  Mobility represents an essential aspect of your quality of life. This should not be restricted, if  possible. The mobile stair climbing aid c-max helps you to be mobile, not only at home but also en route! The c-max allows you to overcome comfortably even narrow stairs or other obstacles inside as well as outdoors. The patented climbing kinematics practically take over the climbing process. The operator merely steers the C-max with very little physical effort. The C-max’s low weight and the fact that it can be easily and quickly dismounted make it possible to take the C-max everywhere. That way you reach your destination safely and comfortably.  
CargoMaster--A142-3   universal-stair-climber   CargoMaster--A142-5

Technology that you can trust : safe and mobile with C-max

  The incentive at AAT is to offer you more mobility and quality of life by means of intelligent technology. A good example of this philosophy is the stair climbing aid C-max. All the know-how and expertise gained in many years of experience developing powered systems for wheelchairs and climbing aids produced to an intelligent, reliable and safe system that offers numerous advantages:  
  climbers instead of climbing wheels for secure and solid footing  
  to be used as a pushing wheelchair as well  
  stable construction, handles patients weighing up to 120 kg  
  no damage to the edges of stairs  
  high versatility even on winding or narrow staircases  
  applicable on almost all stair coverings  
  low weight and easy disassembly  
  continuously adjustable climbing speed  

Technical data               
max. lifting capacity                             120 kg | 160 kg (strong version)             
climbing speed                                     8 — 23 steps per minute (continually adjustable)          
capacity with one                                 15 — 30 levels  
width (in mm)                                        485 | 440 (without arm rest)       
depth (in mm)                                       915 | 730 (folded in foot rest)     
height (in mm)                                      1090      
batteries                                                 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah  
dc-motor                                                24 V      
weight of the battery pack                   4.4 kg    
weight of the power unit                     17.2 kg              
weight of the seat                                 4.6 kg    
weight of the back                                4.3 kg    
weight of the arm rests                       1.2 kg    

Step’s height                                        21 cm | 22.5 cm (extended)
  c-max coincides with the European Guidelines 93/42/EEC for medical products. In the name of progress we reserve the right for technical changes.      
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